Monterey Pizza & Asian Zap

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Appetizers And Snacks

Garlic Bread

Add cheese for $2 extra.


Chicken Tenders (4 Pcs)

Tender strips with crispy fries. Served with marinara sauce.


Buffalo Wings (7 Pcs)

Served with ranch dipping sauce.


Mozzarella Sticks (6 Pcs)

Served with marinara sauce.


Meatballs w. Marinara Sauce (2)


French Fries


Garlic Fries


Jalapeno Poppers (8 Pcs)

Cheddar cheese filled jalapenos.


Fish & Chips (3)


Azap Wings (8-10)

Sweet & sour sauce on the side w. crispy basil


Soup & Salad

House Chicken Soup

Chicken broth, seasonal veggies w. pasta noodles


House Chicken Soup w. Pasta Noodles


Ceasar Salad

Romaine, parmesan cheese, croutons, house caesar dressing


Greek Salad

Romaine, tomatoes, feta cheese, red onion, bell pepper, cucumber, olives, balsamic dressing


House Salad

Romaine, tomatoes, red onion, bell pepper, cucumber


Specialty Vegan Pizza

All slices are made to order (please allow 10-15mins)

Impossible Pizza

Ground impossible crumble, mushroom, bell pepper, onion, olives


Sunnyside Garden Pizza


Classic Specialty Pizza

All pizza comes with house special pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese

Palazzo Pizza

Pepperoni, salami, sausage, mushroom


Carni Pizza

Pepperoni, salami, sausage, canadian bacon, ground beef


Hawaiian Pizza

Canadian bacon, ham, pineapple


Monterey Pizza

Pepperoni, sausage, salami, mushroom, black olive, bell pepper, onion


Garden Deluxe Pizza

Olives, mushroom, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes


The Pesto Pizza

Feta cheese, onions, artichoke hearts, black olive, pesto sauce


UPS Special Pizza

Garlic ranch sauce, bbq chicken, bacon, red onion, mushroom


Lover's Special Pizza

Sausage, spinach, mushroom, artichoke hearts, black olive, red onion, feta cheese, topped with drizzled pesto


Margarita Pizza

Thin crust, feta cheese, tomatoes, fresh basil


Azap Specialty Pizza

Green Curry (Thai) Pizza

House special green curry paste, marinated with chicken, bell pepper,, mushriinm red onion topped with crispy basil


Azap Special Pizza

House spicy sauce, ground beef, mushroom, onion, garlic, jalapeno


Yellow Curry (Thai) Pizza

House special yellow curry


Kapow Gai (Thai Basil Chicken) Pizza

Stir fry chicken marinated with herbs, basil, green beans, bell pepper, onions, chili, garlic


Deep Fried Pizza

House special pizza sauce, bbq chicken, bacon, onion, cheddar cheese (marinara on the side)


Build Your Own Pizza

1 Topping Pizza





Spaghetti with 2oz Meatball


Fettuccine Alfredo

Our signature alfredo sauce, with parmesan, herb & spices


Fettuccine Carbonara

Our signature cream sauce with baco, onion, garlic & herbs



All burgers served with french fries, $2 substitute for small salad

Classic Burger

1/2lb fresh ground chuck w. mayo, lettuce, tomato & onion on a sesame bun


Impossible Burger

Impossible patty w. mayo, lettuce, tomato & onion on a sesame bun


Veggie Burger

Veggie patty w. mayo, lettuce, tomato, & onion on a sesame bun



All sandwiches served with french fries, $2 substitute for small salad

Classic BLT Sandwich

Bacon w. mayo, lettuce, tomato on toasted white bread


Italian Sandwich

Layers of salami, pepperoni, w. mayo, jalapeno, lettuce, tomato & onion on toasted white/wheat bread


Chicken Parmesan Sandwich

Crispy chicken breast w. marinara sauce, melted mozzarella, loaded parmesan on toasted french roll


Chicken Pesto Sandwich

Homemade marinated chicken breast, pesto sauce, tomato, red onion, lettuce on toasted white/wheat bread


Meatball Sandwich

Classic meatball w. marinara sauce, melted mozzarella, loaded parmesan on toasted roll


Azap Streetfood

Comes with azap specialty sauce

Grilled Skewers



Can Soda


2 Liter Soda


Bottle Water


Sparkling Water


Apple Juice


Orange Juice




Coconut Water


Red Bull





New York Cheesecake


Chocolate Mousse Cake